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Re: [PATCH] ARM - gas: Maximum alignment size augmented to 64

The output of objdump did change,

Disassembly of section .text:
00000000 <foo> f04f 0001        mov.w   r0, #1
00000004 <foo+0x4> 46c0         nop                     ; (mov r8, r8)

so the regexps of the form

00000000 <foo> f04f 0001.*mov.w.*r0, #1.*; 0x1

don't match anymore. change this to

00000000 <foo> f04f 0001.*mov.w.*r0, #1.*

for all four occurrances and the test succeeds.


Daniel Gutson schrieb:
> Hi Matthias,
>   I couldn't get the fail, even after updating my sources from mainline.
> Could you please provide more details?
> Thanks,
>     Daniel.
> Matthias Klose wrote:
>> Daniel Gutson schrieb:
>>> Hi,
>>>  in the attached patch, the maximum allowed code alignment has been
>>> increased from
>>> 32 to 64 bytes. This change affects the .p2align and .align directives
>>> in GAS and the
>>> -falign-functions GCC option.
>>> I tested the code by running the gas testsuite, including the new test
>>> case I added.
>> the test case does succeed with binutils 20090622 and the patch
>> applied, it
>> fails with binutils 20090704 and the patch applied.
>>   Matthias

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