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Re: i960-* and b.out

I know that unfortunately a lot of i960 tools defaulted to b.out
for the default name but this oddity is causing unnecessary
issues with at least the RTEMS configurery.  Is there an easy
way to change this so it defaults to a.out like everything else?
Would this cause grief?

Intel changed the a.out object file format, called the result b.out, and then
changed the output file name to b.out to make it clear that it wasn't an a.out
file.  However, there was never any real need to do that, since we use the
file name a.out for COFF and ELF without trouble.

See OBJ_DEFAULT_OUTPUT_FILE_NAME in gas/config/obj-bout.h.  This is the only
file that uses that macro.  We could just eliminate the macro to solve the

Changing it would mean a minor incompatibility with the Intel GNU960 tools
which they still distribute, and which will continue to emit b.out files.
There are probably b.out file name assumptions in a few other misc places,
like dejagnu, and probably in some other embedded OSes also.
So, this is the likely reason why, for the i960, GDB's prompt is set to:




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