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Re: Symbol versioning in C++ (two ld bugs)

On Mon, Feb 11, 2002 at 01:58:14PM -0800, Ulrich Drepper wrote:
> Phil Edwards <> writes:
> > 
> > So:  which kind of patterns are supposed to be accepted?
> globbing.  regex is too slow and in other package, well glibc, we use
> '*' as a pattern.  This is also what Sun does.

Would a patch to rename lang_new_vers_regex() be acceptable?

> > Bug #2
> > ======
> > The ldlex.l lexer only specifies
> > 
> >         [*?.$_a-zA-Z]([*?.$_a-zA-Z0-9]|::)*
> > 
> > for a version symbol pattern (see V_IDENTIFIER).  No brackets, no ranges,
> > no braces -- that is, we can't even use the globbing patterns that fnmatch()
> > would allow!
> This is more or less encoding the current practice.  No special reason
> to have it like this except that there might be problems with the
> grammar.  Somebody will have to check it.

AFAICT this lexer token is only used in this one place.  As long as it
doesn't match a leading colon or a trailing semicolon there shouldn't be
any grammar conflicts.  I will try some modifications.

> > For the record, std::* is not the only problem; there are other namespaces
> > and other patterns which also need to be exposed (the __cxa_* stuff for
> > example).
> This already works.  __cxa_* is a valid pattern.

Oh, I know, I just hadn't gotten that far.  My point was that we may want
to use globbing patterns more extensive than '*' for other things besides
std::*.  I'm assuming that all of __cxa_* should be exposed and versioned,
but I haven't looked yet.


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