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Symbol versioning in C++ (two ld bugs)

[cc'd to the other people who have been involved so far]

None of what follows is mentioned in the current ld manual.  Consider that
as bug #0, if you will.  (I volunteer to update ld/ld.texinfo if y'all
will help me work these out.)

For libstdc++-v3 we need to start versioning the symbols of the shared
library.  I am exploring the option of requiring GNU ld and making use
of the "extern 'lang'" extension in the version scripts.  Right now I'm
playing with a --version-script consisting of

    FOO {

        extern "C++"

        * ;

which binds everything in namespace std to version FOO.  The problem is
that there are all kinds of things in std which we must make local; the
script above exposes (and versions!) std::__random_implementation_detail,
which is bad.

So I tried to list something like

      extern "C++"

and that's where the fun begins.

Bug #1
The parser routine which stores the symbol patterns for later comparison
is named "lang_new_vers_regex", implying that the symbol pattern is a
regular expression.

The routines which compare the pattern with a given symbol,
"lang_vers_match_lang_X" where X is c, cplsuplus, or java, all call

fnmatch() matches shell filename patterns, i.e., globbing, not regexps.


So:  which kind of patterns are supposed to be accepted?

Bug #2
The ldlex.l lexer only specifies


for a version symbol pattern (see V_IDENTIFIER).  No brackets, no ranges,
no braces -- that is, we can't even use the globbing patterns that fnmatch()
would allow!

The only "wildcard" used in the examples in the manual is a trailing
'*', and there's no documentation of what exactly it's supposed to mean,
although I think I can guess in the presence of fnmatch().

Should I be trying things like

      extern "C++"

instead?  That would seem exceptionally and needlessly pathetic.  We ought
to be able to do better than that.  :-)

For the record, std::* is not the only problem; there are other namespaces
and other patterns which also need to be exposed (the __cxa_* stuff for


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