1. Current status

The release branch of glibc-2.39 is currently under development and planned for release on YYYY-MM-DD.

The ref structure of this branch is:

These people are interested in contents and further revisions tagged on the branch:

The general policies for release branches apply to this branch. Do you think a certain bugfix should be included in this branch?

  1. Is the fix committed in master? It has to be, unless it's not applicable to master (e.g. code has been rewritten meantime).
  2. Do you have commit permissions? If so, go ahead if you think it's reasonably safe. break;
  3. Can you handle Git yourself? Then you can clone the glibc repository, cherry-pick the appropriate fixes, push your branch out and send a pull request at libc-alpha. break;
  4. Add the glibc_X.Y keyword to the appropriate bug report.
  5. If there is no appropriate bug report, send a request for the fix to be included to libc-alpha.

The release/X.Y/master branch is intended as a rolling release for all distributions to use and contribute fixes to from developmet master.

2. Packaging Changes

2.1. Change 1

Describe any distribution packing changes that may be required.

2.2. Change 2

And another change.

3. Planning

What things do we want to accomplish this release?

3.1. Release blockers?

3.2. Desirable this release?

4. Build and test results

Describe build and test issues for each architecture, or confirm a clean build with no testsuite failures. The list below is not a complete list of ABI variants; testing should try to cover the different ABI variants as far as possible.

Build system:


4.1. AArch64

4.2. Alpha

4.3. ARC

4.4. ARM

4.5. C-SKY

4.6. HPPA

4.7. IA64

4.8. LoongArch (64-bit hard-float)

4.9. LoongArch (64-bit soft-float)

4.10. M68K

4.11. MicroBlaze

4.12. MIPS

4.13. Nios II

4.14. OpenRISC

4.15. PowerPC (32-bit soft-float)

4.16. PowerPC (32-bit hard-float)

4.17. PowerPC (64-bit hard-float)

4.18. PowerPC64LE (64-bit hard-float)

4.19. RISC-V (rv64imac/lp64)

4.20. RISC-V (rv64imafdc/lp64)

4.21. RISC-V (rv64imafdc/lp64d)

4.22. S/390 (32-bit)

4.23. S/390 (64-bit)

4.24. SH

4.25. SPARC (32-bit)

4.26. SPARC (64-bit)

4.27. x86 (32-bit, Linux)

4.28. x86_64 (64-bit, Linux)

4.29. x86_64 (x32, Linux)

4.30. x86 (32-bit, Hurd)

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