1. Current status

The release branch of glibc-2.27 is currently in active development.

2. Planning

What things do we want to accomplish this release?

2.1. Release blockers?

2.2. Desirable this release?

3. Build and test issues

Describe build and test issues for each architecture, or confirm a clean build with no testsuite failures. The list below is not a complete list of ABI variants; testing should try to cover the different ABI variants as far as possible.

Build system: UNAME -a, GCC?, Binutils?, Kernel ?


3.1. Architecture-independent

3.2. AArch64

3.3. Alpha

3.4. ARM

3.5. HPPA

3.6. IA64

3.7. M68K

3.8. MicroBlaze

3.9. MIPS

3.10. Nios II

3.11. PowerPC (32-bit soft-float)

3.12. PowerPC (32-bit hard-float)

3.13. PowerPC (64-bit hard-float)

3.14. PowerPC64LE (64-bit hard-float)

3.15. S/390 (32-bit)

3.16. S/390 (64-bit)

3.17. SH

3.18. SPARC (32-bit)

3.19. SPARC (64-bit)

3.20. TILE-Gx (64-bit and 32-bit)

3.21. TILEPro

3.22. x86 (32-bit, Linux)

3.23. x86_64 (64-bit, Linux)

3.24. x86_64 (x32, Linux)

3.25. x86 (32-bit, Hurd)

4. Packaging Changes

4.1. Abort no longer flushes stdio streams

4.2. Change 2

And another change.

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