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Re: Ping: [PATCH v4] faster strlen on x64


I've reproduced performance measurement using Ondrej benchmarks on the
IA CPUs the most important for us and can confirm that this patch is
It seems that this conversation was kept in private messages and
didn't get publicity.
I'm sorry for that.

Liubov Dmitrieva

2013/3/7 Carlos O'Donell <>:
> On Wed, Mar 6, 2013 at 5:37 PM, OndÅej BÃlka <> wrote:
>> I estimate that if I will did not hold back patches I would have around
>> hundred in flight and ping them each week.
> I encourage you to do the following:
> * Ping your patches. However, flooding the list with pings will not help.
> Please be respectful. Choose one patch and see it through to commit.
> * Work to gather consensus from the interested parties. You should get
> consensus from Dmitrieva Liubov, and the new machine maintainers
> for x86; which are now Andreas, and myself.
> * Assist in reviewing other patches, such that other reviewers are
> freed up to review your patches. This will also help other developers
> gain confidence in your abilities and build trust.
> * Get involved in the effort to build a microbenchmark framework in glibc.
> Siddhesh Poyarekar has started the effort here:
> Your experience would really help. We need an integrated and
> reproducible way to measure the performance impact of code changes.
> Cheers,
> Carlos.

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