How to run Systemtap testsuites;

In all cases:

- Verify that kernel-debuginfo is installed corresponding to the kernel under test

- Install expect and dejagnu (dejagnu is available from )

- Build or install pre-built systemtap

a) running testsuites on your build tree

- cd to your build tree root

- run command "make check" for unprivileged test subset

- run command "make installcheck" for privileged probe execution tests; "sudo make ..." if you're not in the "stapdev" user group.

b) running testsuites on an installed copy of systemtap

- that is, after you ran command "make install" or package installation

- get systemtap source tree (later version that 20th March 2007)

- create a new test directory

- run command ".../src/testsuite/configure --prefix=INSTALLTREE", where INSTALLTREE may be /usr. Note that that systemtap proper is not being built or configured, only its testsuite subdirectory.

- run command "make check" or "make installcheck" as desired; "sudo make ..." if you're not in the "stapdev" user group.

For more information do read Get Involved page at

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