IcedTea Java Virtual Machine User-Space Markers

Newer versions of the IcedTea Java Virtual Machine include support for SystemTap user-space markers. The IcedTea JVM user-space markers are enabled in Fedora 10 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. The markers allow SystemTap to probe various JVM events including loading of classes, just-in-time translation of method, and garbage collection. The SystemTap user-space probe points for IcedTea JVM are based on match on the !DTrace markers for JVM. You can refer to the documentation in DTrace Probes in HotSpot VM (note DTrace arguments start at 0 and SystemTap arguments start at 1)

Using IcedTea JVM User-Space Markers

To use the IcedTea JVM user-space markers on a Fedora you will need:

Examples and Demonstrations of Markers

Some one liners SystemTap scripts:

You can look at tapset files for more information about the probe points (replace x86_64 with the appropriate architecture):

A number of examples Java scripts are available at

A short video demonstration of the IcedTea user-space markers.

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