Request of new project: pacme

Mark Wielaard
Tue Sep 20 21:54:10 GMT 2022

Hi Mohammad-Reza,

On Mon, Sep 19, 2022 at 07:09:34PM +0430, Mohammad-Reza Nabipoor via Overseers wrote:
> I'm Mohammad-Reza Nabipoor and a GNU poke contributor and I'd like to host
> a project of mine called "pacme" (An acme-like interface to GNU poke) in
> sourceware.  See below for details on the project.
> The code is licensed under GPLv3+, and we plan to eventually apply to make
> pacme an official GNU program, so we are following all the GNU standards and
> conventions.
> I'd need the following project resources if possible:
>   - An empty git repository called pacme.git
>   - A homepage in
>   - A way to distribute released tarballs like a FTP
> We'll be using the GNU poke development list for discussion, and the poke bugzilla
> that is already in sourceware.  So we don't need any additional things.

Sourceware does host some GNU projects, but I assume you want to be as
close to poke as possible.

GNU poke uses savannah for git and for releases.  Do you
intend to move over to savannah and once you are a GNU

If so, would starting out on savannah.non-gnu be an option to make
migration simpler?



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