Request of new project: pacme

Mohammad-Reza Nabipoor
Mon Sep 19 14:39:34 GMT 2022


I'm Mohammad-Reza Nabipoor and a GNU poke contributor and I'd like to host
a project of mine called "pacme" (An acme-like interface to GNU poke) in
sourceware.  See below for details on the project.

The code is licensed under GPLv3+, and we plan to eventually apply to make
pacme an official GNU program, so we are following all the GNU standards and

I'd need the following project resources if possible:

  - An empty git repository called pacme.git
  - A homepage in
  - A way to distribute released tarballs like a FTP

We'll be using the GNU poke development list for discussion, and the poke bugzilla
that is already in sourceware.  So we don't need any additional things.

pacme -- An acme-like GNU poke interface

This project consists of a bunch of small C programs that used together and
collated by a screen manager (at the moment tmux is supported) provide
a very flexible and powerful user interface to GNU poke, the extensible
editor for binary data.

These small C programs communicate with the poke daemon acting as pokelets,
executing Poke code, processing the results, and implementing the several
components of the user interface: REPL, byte-dump output, input and evaulation
of multi-line Poke programs, tree viewer and editor of Poke data structures, etc.

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