Sourceware / GNU Toolchain at Cauldron

Mark Wielaard
Sun Sep 18 16:27:33 GMT 2022

Hi Zoë,

On Fri, Sep 16, 2022 at 04:57:36PM -0400, Zoë Kooyman via Overseers wrote:
> We are aware that several presentations will be given at
> Cauldron this weekend proposing new ways to support the Sourceware
> project and the GNU Toolchain packages hosted there.
> The FSF has been a fiscal sponsor to the GNU Toolchain for several
> years (and continues to be), and has been grateful to have
> Sourceware providing development infrastructure using free
> software. Unfortunately, we won't have staff present at Cauldron,
> but we are keeping up with the development of the various proposals
> and talking with people involved, as well as seeing how we might be
> able to offer support to help make good things happen.
> We want Sourceware and the GNU packages it hosts to have stable
> homes and strong futures in freedom. We expect the conversations in
> the next few days to be open and transparent and involving the
> community, and look forward to discussing the best way(s) forward in
> the coming weeks.

Thanks. I am really happy you are actively involved. I also want to
thank Bradley and Karen from the SFC for calling into the
discussion. But the discussion at Cauldron seemed really chaotic, I
have trouble trying to summarize it. I posted my original discussion
notes and first impressions here:

We agreed to continue the discussion on this mailinglist. Hopefully
that will be a little more productive and structured.



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