proposing Sourceware as Software Freedom Conservancy member project

Thu Sep 1 19:18:30 GMT 2022


Thanks for everything! As a (very minor) contributor of the GCC-Rust, I
can see how the CI is really helpful. The public-inbox looks also very
interesting (Mark listed some of the nice features this tool offers,
I've already looked at piem), thanks!

> This year, we set up a roadmap to improve the services for tracking
> and automation of email based patches and testing
> This resulted in the launch of several new or updated services
> (, and
>  This didn't need any additional funds (except
> for the sourcehut mirror which costs $10 a month).  We are proud to
> operate these services with minimal costs so we can sustain them both
> in good and in bad years.  But that doesn't mean everything has to be
> done on a zero budget.  Financial contributions are more than welcome
> so that if the need arises we can contract for some unusual admin
> stuff or additions to services like bugzilla, buildbot, patchwork,
> public-inbox or sourcehut.
> There are a few small-ticket items that we would dearly welcome
> community assistance with.  This is just a draft of a draft, just to
> give you an idea of the scope.  No gigaprojects, just community scale:
> helping each other out.  That kind of low-budget efficiency seems to
> be a perfect match for SFC.

I understand that the best would be to offer manpower, but you also
mention funding. It's not clear (at least for me) how it's currently
working, and how it would work if/when the project is accepted by the
SFC. I don't feel qualified for any of the small-tickets you list but
would still like to help if possible. If there's a way to donnate to the
project, could you explain how?

I guess this will be discussed during the upcoming Cauldron during
Mark's presentation?

Thanks again for all your work :)

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