proposing Sourceware as Software Freedom Conservancy member project

Frank Ch. Eigler
Thu Sep 1 19:47:16 GMT 2022

Hi -

> Thanks for everything! As a (very minor) contributor of the GCC-Rust, I
> can see how the CI is really helpful. The public-inbox looks also very
> interesting (Mark listed some of the nice features this tool offers,
> I've already looked at piem), thanks!

Our pleasure!

> > There are a few small-ticket items that we would dearly welcome
> > community assistance with.  [...]
> I understand that the best would be to offer manpower, but you also
> mention funding. It's not clear (at least for me) how it's currently
> working

Basically, Red Hat has been covering all the direct costs, and folks
inside and outside the company have been working together to keep
things running.

> and how it would work if/when the project is accepted by the SFC. 

This arrangement would let outside donors, even very small ones, pool
contributions toward future infrastructure projects.

> I don't feel qualified for any of the small-tickets you list but
> would still like to help if possible. If there's a way to donnate to
> the project, could you explain how?

If the SFC proposal is accepted, this will be straightforward.

> I guess this will be discussed during the upcoming Cauldron during
> Mark's presentation?

I believe so.

- FChE

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