Issues subscribing to mailing list

Corinna Vinschen
Tue Jan 24 10:57:57 GMT 2023

On Jan 23 18:53, Ignacio Vargas wrote:
> Greetings,
> I've been trying to subscribe to the mailing list throughout the past few
> hours but whenever I click the "subscribe" button the site returns me a 500
> error code and then it seems the whole site goes down for a while. In which
> case, I want to apologize for bringing down the site multiple times today.
> I'm writing to the mailing list to get help with this issue because I needed
> to join to ask some questions and I can't find an "administrator" contact
> anywhere on the site.

There's a mailing list <overseers AT sourceware DOT org> for that,
please ask there.

> In the interest of possibly saving us some time I'm also going to mention
> what I needed to ask about. In case the answer is a simple "no" then I won't
> have anymore to say anyways, but please don't feel obligated at all to
> answer my query:
>      I was considering writing a stripped-down baremetal version of
>    argp
>    (
>    from glibc. I was wondering if I could write it as a contribution to
>    newlib and, similarly to glibc's argp, write it using getopt. I
>    mostly don't know if newlib would accept it because it's a library
>    specific to GNU-C.

Newlib already has a couple of GNU-specific functions implemented,
so that's no problem.

The only potential problem is the license.  If you write your argp
implementation from scratch, you can use any BSD-like license you like.
However, if you take the gloibc code as base, your code would be GPLed,
which is not feasible for almost all targets supported by newlib.


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