Fw: Some questions on reentrancy, __DYNAMIC_REENT__ and _impure_ptr

C Howland cc1964t@gmail.com
Fri Apr 2 16:51:41 GMT 2021

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> *Subject:* Re: Some questions on reentrancy, __DYNAMIC_REENT__ and
> _impure_ptr
> Thanks Jeff also for answering the mutex question I missed.
> One other issue I should have mentioned that becomes more important daily:
> If there are multiple processors the simple _impure_ptr mechanism won't
> work...
Well, if you ignore the fact you have multiple processors and do nothing
about it, then, sure, you'll have problems.  But if you manage it (e.g.
treating each processor as its own thread, or as independent of each other,
etc.), then multiple processors can work fine.  (I have such systems

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