Fw: Some questions on reentrancy, __DYNAMIC_REENT__ and _impure_ptr

Dave Nadler drn@nadler.com
Fri Apr 2 18:35:49 GMT 2021

Sorry if I was not clear: If you use one memory location for _impure_ptr,
and you have two processors running two threads, this does not work.
Instead an alternate mechanism (ie thread-local storage for this ptr) is 
to support each concurrent thread with a separate reentrancy structure.
Hope I was clear this time!
Best Regards, Dve

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>> Thanks Jeff also for answering the mutex question I missed.
>> One other issue I should have mentioned that becomes more important daily:
>> If there are multiple processors the simple _impure_ptr mechanism won't
>> work...
> Well, if you ignore the fact you have multiple processors and do nothing
> about it, then, sure, you'll have problems.  But if you manage it (e.g.
> treating each processor as its own thread, or as independent of each other,
> etc.), then multiple processors can work fine.  (I have such systems
> working.)
> Craig

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