accuracy of mathematical functions

Paul Zimmermann
Sat Feb 6 06:23:28 GMT 2021

       Dear Brian,

> > I have updated my comparison with the newly released 2.33 version.
> > No big difference with the previous version, except that I included
> > the "long double" format (aka ldbl-96), which is not supported by Newlib.
> > 
> >
> Thanks for doing this work and making it available is greatly appreciated.

thank you.

> While newlib is mainly targeted to smaller platforms, the Cygwin port math 
> library supports gcc __FLT64X_...__/__FLT128_...__ under
> .../newlib-cygwin/winsup/cygwin/math/ and related includes.

how to get them in libm.a? For example I get only 'ctanhl' available,
but not 'tanhl':

$ nm libm.a | grep tanhl
0000000000000000 T catanhl
0000000000000000 T ctanhl

> As you may already be aware, clang and gcc have added support for ARM 
> __FLT16/__fp16, AMD and Intel have added it to x86/amd64 as CVT16/FP16C 
>, and more compiler and library support are 
> likely to follow, as they are already used in graphics and GPGPU areas.

thank you, if/when they are available in libraries, I will extend my comparison
to those formats.

Best regards,

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