[PATCH] FT32: add support in newlib and libgloss

Mike Frysinger vapier@gentoo.org
Thu Sep 3 00:10:00 GMT 2015

On 01 Sep 2015 22:29, James Bowman wrote:
> FT32 is a new high performance 32-bit RISC core developed by FTDI for
> embedded applications.
> Support for FT32 has already been added to binutils, gdb and gcc.
> This patch adds newlib and libgloss support.
> Please can someone review it, and if appropriate approve it for commit?
> The FSF have acknowledged receipt of FTDI's copyright assignment papers.
> The patch is too large to attach here. It is at:
> http://www.excamera.com/files/0001-FT32-Support.patch

if you filter out generated files, it gets much smaller.
$ du -b 0001-FT32-Support.patch 
370422  0001-FT32-Support.patch
$ filterdiff -x '*/aclocal.m4' -x '*/configure' 0001-FT32-Support.patch | wc -c
that nukes 80% of the content which we aren't going to review anyways.

you can further split it up into libgloss & newlib patches.
seems that gets you to ~45k/30k files.  still large, but i
think should get you onto the list for review.

quick note: config.sub changes belong in the gnuconfig project:
once you're committed there, pushing the change into the newlib
repo is granted w/out checking -- we copy files unmodified.

a quick scan shows that you copied a lot of files from the moxie
port, but then didn't actually update any of the contents.  so
there's a lot of invalid references in there to "moxie" still.
please trim all the files you don't actually use instead of
blind duplication.
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