[PATCH] FT32: add support in newlib and libgloss

James Bowman james.bowman@ftdichip.com
Wed Sep 2 03:35:00 GMT 2015

FT32 is a new high performance 32-bit RISC core developed by FTDI for
embedded applications.

Support for FT32 has already been added to binutils, gdb and gcc.
This patch adds newlib and libgloss support.

Please can someone review it, and if appropriate approve it for commit?

The FSF have acknowledged receipt of FTDI's copyright assignment papers.

The patch is too large to attach here. It is at:


Thanks very much. ChangeLog entry:

2015-09-01  James Bowman  <james.bowman@ftdichip.com>

        * Add FT32 support

2015-09-01  James Bowman  <james.bowman@ftdichip.com>

        * Add FT32 support

James Bowman
FTDI Open Source Liaison

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