Newlib bug

Yogesh wani
Tue Apr 28 10:41:00 GMT 2015

Freddie Chopin <freddie_chopin <at>> writes:

> On 23.04.2015 01:27, Yogesh Wani wrote:
> > I didn't quite understand which branch i should pick the GCC from. Is 
> > it from the link below(i.e. bleeding-edge) ??
> >>
> It is the same branch as used by the "official" ARM toolchain - 
> - and it's mentioned in the 
> info.txt file in the packages of bleeding-edge-toolchain - 
> svn://
> Regards,
> FCh

Hi Freddie 

Thanks for your reply. I did read about the launchpad arm tool chain but, 
I didn't find any reference that it could be used for arm7tdmi cpu. May be 
I will revisit it again.

Thanks and Regards,

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