[PATCH] Update newlib so that it passes libc++'s tests

JF Bastien jfb@chromium.org
Sun Dec 22 21:44:00 GMT 2013

> As mentioned, if the libc++ test passes with an incremental fix, then I am fine
> with it.  If it does not fix the libc++ test, then there is no impetus to get a
> partial fix in now and we can figure out a more correct solution.
> So, can you put together a patch that fixes the libc++ test, does not touch
> stdint.h and is incrementally better for wchar.h?

I'm currently traveling so testing things isn't as easy as it should be.

IIRC the relevant test is test/depr/depr.c.headers/stdint_h.pass.cpp:

    // WCHAR_MIN
    assert(WCHAR_MIN == std::numeric_limits<wchar_t>::min());

    // WCHAR_MAX
    assert(WCHAR_MAX == std::numeric_limits<wchar_t>::max());

Many other tests from libc++'s test suite will pass with an
incremental fix, so it could still be a viable option, but I think
this particular test won't pass.

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