newlib git?

Tom Tromey
Thu Nov 21 18:01:00 GMT 2013

cgf> I'm sure that Tom will be willing to do some handholding but he probably
cgf> doesn't want to be "Mr. Git" for every project on sourceware.

The good news is that all the heavy lifting is done and, for the most
part, documented.

The binutils-gdb conversion was very hairy because it involved stitching
together ancient (pre-devo) gdb release tarballs, a pre-"src" drop of
part of devo, and then of course the "src" history.

If you want to do this, all the scripts are available, but you'll still
need to do some reasonably serious testing yourself:

If you don't mind a "simple" conversion, you can clone the above and
follow the directions in, skipping the "old releases" and
"devo" and "graft-and-filter" steps.

The only real gotcha is that the user map I used is tailored to
binutils-gdb.  You may have users not appearing in there.  So, you will
need to update it to suit.


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