mn10300 linker script update

Jeff Law
Thu Sep 4 16:48:00 GMT 2008

Modern versions of the toolchain have added several new sections that 
need to appear in the linker script.  Most notable are a few .bss 
sections for the C++ runtime.  Failure to include these sections leads 
to memory corruption as the _end symbol incorrectly appears before the 
end of the .bss sections.  Needless to say this causes a variety of fun 
and interesting problems as the C++ runtime clobbers the heap and 

I resync'd all the mn103 libgloss linker scripts with the standard 
mn10300 linker script.    I've tested the simulator linker script 
thoroughly, but since I don't have eval boards, I can't actually test 
the others.

Given I haven't contributed to this code in nearly a decade, I thought 
it best to wait for approval/feedback rather than just check in the 
changes :-)

OK to apply?

    * libgloss/mn10300/sim.ld: Sync with standard mn10300 elf linker script.
    * libgloss/mn10300/{asb2303.ld,asb2305.ld,eval.ld}: Likewise.

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