[heads-up] regenerate aclocal.m4 and configure

Paolo Bonzini bonzini@gnu.org
Wed Apr 23 10:37:00 GMT 2008

> I'm about to commit a patch to config/, so that a bugfix from Autoconf 
> trunk will be applied to all the configure scripts in gcc and src.  For 
> gcc I will commit the changed configure scripts myself; for src please 
> tell me if you would like me to do it, or you prefer to do it yourself.
> I'll send another message in at most 1 hour, after the patch is 
> committed to gcc and src.

Done, if you wish you can now regenerate aclocal.m4 and configure files.

The only really urgent one is newlib, because it's where the original 
failure happened in the GCC bugzilla report.


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