crt0 not built for m68k target?

Jeff Johnston
Thu Oct 6 15:50:00 GMT 2005


If you look at you will notice a variable: have_crt0. 
This variable is set by default to yes if 1. you have a sys_dir and 2. 
you don't specify: have_crt0=no  When this variable is set to yes, the 
libc/sys expects to copy crt0.o up the tree.

If your sys directory builds crt0.o conditionally, then you will have to 
modify your to conditionally set this variable to no.

-- Jeff J.

Jonathan S. Shapiro wrote:
> I'm sure this will turn out to be a perfectly obvious configuration
> error, but...
> As you all know, I've been porting newlib for use in Coyotos. I now have
> a working tool chain for i386. The substantive patches amounted to:
>    1. Add coyotos in src/config.sub
>    2. Add coyotos target in src/newlib/
> 	  *-*-coyotos*)
> 	       newlib_cflags="${newlib_cflags}"
> 	       sys_dir="coyotos"
> 	       posix_dir=""
> 	       signal_dir=""
> 	       stdio64_dir=""
> 	       #stdio64_dir="stdio64"
> 	       syscall_dir=""
> 	       unix_dir=""
> 	       default_newlib_io_long_double="yes"
> 	       default_newlib_io_long_long="yes"
> 	       default_newlib_io_pos_args="yes"
> 	       #crt1=crt1.o
> 	       #crt1_dir=libc/sys/${sys_dir}
> 	       ;;
> Note that nothing in this config is target architecture dependent.
> I hacked a sys/coyotos/ tree based on rtems, which provides its own
> crt0.c, but assumes that crt0.c will be build from a board support
> package. Coyotos doesn't have any board support packages (yet).
> The attempt to build m68k-unknown-coyotos target fails with:
> make[4]: Entering directory
> `/home/shap/WORK/old-schema/coyotos/src/ccs-xenv/BUILD/build-newlib-m68k/m68k-unknown-coyotos/newlib/libc/sys'
> rm -f lib.a
> ln coyotos/lib.a lib.a >/dev/null 2>/dev/null \
>  || cp coyotos/lib.a lib.a
> rm -f crt0.o
> ln coyotos/crt0.o crt0.o >/dev/null 2>/dev/null \
>  || cp coyotos/crt0.o crt0.o
> cp: cannot stat `coyotos/crt0.o': No such file or directory
> This failure is more or less expected, since in the m68k build the
> crt0.o file isn't getting built.
> The right answer will probably turn out to be disabling crt0 altogether,
> but before I do that I would like to understand why crt0.o is built as
> expected in the i386-unknown-coyotos target, and is *not* being built
> (same sys/ directory, same makefile, same source files) for the
> m68k-unknown-coyotos target. It's not that the attempt to build crt0.c
> for m68k target is failing. What confuses me is that no attempt is made
> at all, and I'm not seeing anyplace in the makefiles that would account
> for this target-specific difference in behavior.
> I have a sinking suspicion that this is a multilib issue, and I'ld like
> to understand what is going on a little better before I mess with it.
> Can anybody provide a hint?
> Thanks
> shap

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