ttyname: double the closedir, double the fun! [PATCH]

Jeff Johnston
Thu Jul 7 21:11:00 GMT 2005

Shaun Jackman wrote:
> The =xx encoding is called "quoted-printable" from what I see in the
> mail headers. It's a pain that Gmail uses this encoding scheme by
> default without any other option, such as plain ASCII. So, the
> problem's on my side for sending it, and on your side for not decoding
> it. 

FWIW: within the mail reader, it was decoded correctly.  I used "save 
as" which created a .eml file with the quoted-printable characters.  I 
use "save as" because in the past, high-lighting, cutting, and pasting 
directly from the reader has proven to be problematic for me.


-- Jeff J.

>I'll simply attach a diff in the future, though I really prefer
> inline patches to facilitate mailing list searches and browsing list
> archives. I wish Gmail would fix this.
> Cheers,
> Shaun
> On 7/7/05, Jeff Johnston <> wrote:
>>Thanks Shaun.  Patch checked in.  I had a problem when I saved this note
>>out of my new mail reader in FC4 (I finally upgraded from my old Linux).
>>  The newlines and tabs were translated into =xx.  I would guess the
>>problem is on my side, but until I get it worked out, I suggest sending
>>attached files in the future.
>>-- Jeff J.

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