ttyname: double the closedir, double the fun! [PATCH]

Shaun Jackman
Thu Jul 7 17:58:00 GMT 2005

The =xx encoding is called "quoted-printable" from what I see in the
mail headers. It's a pain that Gmail uses this encoding scheme by
default without any other option, such as plain ASCII. So, the
problem's on my side for sending it, and on your side for not decoding
it. I'll simply attach a diff in the future, though I really prefer
inline patches to facilitate mailing list searches and browsing list
archives. I wish Gmail would fix this.


On 7/7/05, Jeff Johnston <> wrote:
> Thanks Shaun.  Patch checked in.  I had a problem when I saved this note
> out of my new mail reader in FC4 (I finally upgraded from my old Linux).
>   The newlines and tabs were translated into =xx.  I would guess the
> problem is on my side, but until I get it worked out, I suggest sending
> attached files in the future.
> -- Jeff J.

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