Libgloss tree and diference between "architecture" and "platform".

Paul Chavent
Wed Jan 19 15:17:00 GMT 2005

Jeff Johnston a écrit :
> [...]
> In this case I am talking about build configuration.  To add your bsp, 
> you only have to modify and add your files to the 
> directory.  It is very straightforward to modify by copying 
> and modifying an existing bsp that is already built there.  You can 
> prefix all your added files to keep them distinguished from the rest of 
> the files if that is your wish.  If you add a subdirectory, you have to 
> do extra work so configuration of libgloss will know to build your 
> library in the subdirectory.  This means you will have to edit the file 
> libgloss/arm/ in addition to libgloss/arm/
> -- Jeff J.

And an other problem, sorry.

For example

If i compile for the host "arm-myboard-elf"
   i would like that the makefile copy my myboard-crt0.s to crt0.S (so 
it is the default one used by gcc).
   the make file can copy my myboard-crt0.s to myboard-crt0.S (that i 
can use with a specs file for example...)

I would like to use the same variables (${host} for example) that those 
which are in newlib/ . Is it possible, and how it should 
be done ?

Thank you.

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