Libgloss tree and diference between "architecture" and "platform".

Jeff Johnston
Tue Jan 18 21:50:00 GMT 2005

Paul Chavent wrote:
> Jeff Johnston a écrit :
>> [...]
>>> If you are going to be creating lots of files you might like to use a 
>>> sub-directory off this directory,  eg:
>>>   libgloss/arm/myplatform/
>> It will be much easier for you to keep this in the arm subdirectory as 
>> you won't have to worry about configuration.
> In any cases we will have to customize the configuration (add our object 
> files and target files ) ? Won't we ?
> More over, i'am not sure that the new files we should provide, are the 
> same kind of which already are in the libgloss/arm directory for example.

In this case I am talking about build configuration.  To add your bsp, you only 
have to modify and add your files to the directory.  It is very 
straightforward to modify by copying and modifying an existing bsp 
that is already built there.  You can prefix all your added files to keep them 
distinguished from the rest of the files if that is your wish.  If you add a 
subdirectory, you have to do extra work so configuration of libgloss will know 
to build your library in the subdirectory.  This means you will have to edit the 
file libgloss/arm/ in addition to libgloss/arm/

-- Jeff J.

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