Patch: Extended libgloss support for ARM, replacing libc/sys/arm

Jeff Johnston
Mon Jun 7 13:32:00 GMT 2004

Toralf Lund wrote:
> Hello again,
> I just tried to submit a patch via the mailing list. Unfortunately, the 
> message got so large that the list software wouldn't accept it, so I've 
> now uploaded the file to our FTP server instead. See:
> Original text:
> Hi.
> Here is (the first version of) a patch that will make some changes to
> the ARM setup that were discussed on this list some time back. It will:
>    1. Remove newlib/libc/sys/arm
>    2. Add support files for RDI, RDP and "bare"/"nomon" system to
>       libgloss/arm, based on the above.
>    3. Set up libgloss/arm to build separate start files for nomon, RDI
>       and RDP, and "BSP" libs for the latter two.
>    4. Extend nomon crt0 so that it will set up stack for all execution
>       modes, based on address value that may be specified externally,
>       and call "init hooks" when present.
> Comments are welcome. Note that as I haven't been able to test the RDI
> and RDP code a lot, since I don't have boards with those debug monitors.
> - Toralf


   I noticed when I applied the patch that you left a few references to 
sys_dir=arm for the ep9312 and a few others.  I have changed these and also 
changed libgloss to recognize the ep9312.  I am currently building with the 
patch applied.

-- Jeff J.

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