Patch: Extended libgloss support for ARM, replacing libc/sys/arm

Toralf Lund
Tue Jun 1 15:30:00 GMT 2004

Hello again,

I just tried to submit a patch via the mailing list. Unfortunately, the 
message got so large that the list software wouldn't accept it, so I've 
now uploaded the file to our FTP server instead. See:

Original text:


Here is (the first version of) a patch that will make some changes to
the ARM setup that were discussed on this list some time back. It will:

    1. Remove newlib/libc/sys/arm
    2. Add support files for RDI, RDP and "bare"/"nomon" system to
       libgloss/arm, based on the above.
    3. Set up libgloss/arm to build separate start files for nomon, RDI
       and RDP, and "BSP" libs for the latter two.
    4. Extend nomon crt0 so that it will set up stack for all execution
       modes, based on address value that may be specified externally,
       and call "init hooks" when present.

Comments are welcome. Note that as I haven't been able to test the RDI
and RDP code a lot, since I don't have boards with those debug monitors.

- Toralf

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