check-target-newlib problem

Jeff Johnston
Thu Mar 25 22:32:00 GMT 2004

Jon Beniston wrote:
>>Regarding your problem, by any chance have you not set up 
>>your DEJAGNU 
>>environment variable to point to your site.exp?  As well, you 
>>will need 
>>something in your dejagnu baseboards for your excess-elf platform.
> Yep, I should have this all set up. When I add that one function, then
> the tests are compiled and run on the simulator as expected, so I think
> that side of things is working properly.
> It would appear that $srcdir in the site.exp files generated in the
> build directory are not quite right. For example, in
> build/newlib/excess-elf/mword-bits=32/newlib/site.exp, $srcdir is set to
> a relative path ( ../../../../newlib/newlib/testsuite ). From the
> directory this site.exp is in, this relative path is correct. However,
> the Makefile copies this file verbatium into the testsuite directory
> which is where the testsuite is run from. This means that the $srcdir is
> missing an extra ../
> Does this mean I shouldn't configure with with a relative path?
> Cheers,
> JonB

I recently made a fix for building newlib with a relative directory, but I 
didn't test the testsuite.  For now, if you want to run the testsuite, use an 
absolute directory to configure.  I'm looking at the problem.

-- Jeff J.


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