check-target-newlib problem

Jon Beniston
Wed Mar 24 14:28:00 GMT 2004

> Regarding your problem, by any chance have you not set up 
> your DEJAGNU 
> environment variable to point to your site.exp?  As well, you 
> will need 
> something in your dejagnu baseboards for your excess-elf platform.

Yep, I should have this all set up. When I add that one function, then
the tests are compiled and run on the simulator as expected, so I think
that side of things is working properly.

It would appear that $srcdir in the site.exp files generated in the
build directory are not quite right. For example, in
build/newlib/excess-elf/mword-bits=32/newlib/site.exp, $srcdir is set to
a relative path ( ../../../../newlib/newlib/testsuite ). From the
directory this site.exp is in, this relative path is correct. However,
the Makefile copies this file verbatium into the testsuite directory
which is where the testsuite is run from. This means that the $srcdir is
missing an extra ../

Does this mean I shouldn't configure with with a relative path?


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