One more question

J. Johnston
Tue Sep 30 09:12:00 GMT 2003


   You're going to have to alter the newlib version by hand.  There have been too
many changes made (e.g. the newlib reentrancy structure, the work I did to
add positional argument support, long double support, etc) since the original version.

-- Jeff J.

Artem B. Bityuckiy wrote:
> Hello.
> Newlib has vfprintf.c ported from FreeBSD. This vfprintf doesn't support 
> %ls and %lc modifiers (widechar string and widechar character). But I 
> need these modifiers. I don't want to add them by hand and I want to 
> port vfprintf from newer FreeBSD instead (this vfprintf already has 
> these modifiers). If this approach won't be easy, it is possible to add 
> these modifier by hands.
> Let's denote:
> initial vfprintf form FreeBSD from which Newlib's vfprintf was derived = 
>  vfprintf A
> current Newlib-1.11.0 vfprintf = vfprintf B
> Current upgraded vfprintf from last FreeBSD = vfprintf C
> The essence is: vfprintf B and vfprintf C both have one parent - 
> vfprintf A. I need _new_vfprintf_ that has all changes from vfprintf B 
> and vfprintf C. I haven't time to understand vfprintf internals and want 
> just try to move all vfprintf B changes to _new_vfprintf_ and all 
> vfprintf C changes to _new_vfprintf_ too (if it would be possible, of 
> course).
> For this reason I need vfprintf A! I don't know where to get it.
> vfprintf B contains some reference to CVS tag 1.43 but I don't know 
> exactly if this the FreeBSD's vfprintf CVS tag.
> Also: 1.43 tag on FreeBSD CVS has date 2002/08/15
> Newlib's vfprintf has date 2002/08/13 which is earlier. This is 
> confusing me.
> Also, there is a reference to some 5.50 number in vfprintf B. I have 
> seen to FreeBSD 5.50 libc and vfprintf has tag 1.10 there. :-(
> Please, tell me where can I find vfprintf A.
> Also, may be some recommendations how to update vfprintf correctly?
> Also, I am planning to add fwprintf, vfwprintf and such to Newlib. I 
> think this will be done by porting them from FreeBSD. May be somebody 
> has already ported them or has some experience and will give me some 
> recommendations?
> Thank you very much.

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