One more question

Artem B. Bityuckiy
Mon Sep 29 21:06:00 GMT 2003


Newlib has vfprintf.c ported from FreeBSD. This vfprintf doesn't support 
%ls and %lc modifiers (widechar string and widechar character). But I 
need these modifiers. I don't want to add them by hand and I want to 
port vfprintf from newer FreeBSD instead (this vfprintf already has 
these modifiers). If this approach won't be easy, it is possible to add 
these modifier by hands.

Let's denote:
initial vfprintf form FreeBSD from which Newlib's vfprintf was derived = 
  vfprintf A
current Newlib-1.11.0 vfprintf = vfprintf B
Current upgraded vfprintf from last FreeBSD = vfprintf C

The essence is: vfprintf B and vfprintf C both have one parent - 
vfprintf A. I need _new_vfprintf_ that has all changes from vfprintf B 
and vfprintf C. I haven't time to understand vfprintf internals and want 
just try to move all vfprintf B changes to _new_vfprintf_ and all 
vfprintf C changes to _new_vfprintf_ too (if it would be possible, of 

For this reason I need vfprintf A! I don't know where to get it.

vfprintf B contains some reference to CVS tag 1.43 but I don't know 
exactly if this the FreeBSD's vfprintf CVS tag.
Also: 1.43 tag on FreeBSD CVS has date 2002/08/15
Newlib's vfprintf has date 2002/08/13 which is earlier. This is 
confusing me.

Also, there is a reference to some 5.50 number in vfprintf B. I have 
seen to FreeBSD 5.50 libc and vfprintf has tag 1.10 there. :-(

Please, tell me where can I find vfprintf A.

Also, may be some recommendations how to update vfprintf correctly?

Also, I am planning to add fwprintf, vfwprintf and such to Newlib. I 
think this will be done by porting them from FreeBSD. May be somebody 
has already ported them or has some experience and will give me some 

Thank you very much.

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