mcount and -pg

Joel Sherrill
Wed Feb 12 22:34:00 GMT 2003


I noticed that mcount is now in a couple of libgloss targets.  is
this all that is required to make profiling work on a target?

If so, any guidance on providing it in a way that could be 
shared across more configurations?

My impression is that if you are using gcc, it is only CPU family 
dependent and now OS dependent.  Is this right?

I see implementations that might be usable for at least 3 common CPU
families in the gcc/newlib tree

./libgloss/rs6000/mcount.S     -- dummy stub ignore

The implementation in ./libgloss/i386/cygmon-gmon.c looks generic
enough given that  __builtin_return_address() is available.  I
am wondering if the profiling code could be moved out of there
and be used on other target CPUs.

Any thoughts?  Advice, experience doing profiling on embedded targets?

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