newlib-1.10.0 compile for m68k-unknown-elf

J. Johnston
Tue Aug 6 09:01:00 GMT 2002

James Roth wrote:
> Hi,
>     I'm attempting to compile newlib for a 68331 board with no OS.  The
> c compiler is working and I can run code on the board.  See configure
> and make output in the attachment.  I am using m68k-unknown-elf as my
> target.  My m68k-unknown-elf-gcc is version 2.95.3.  It looks like one
> of the configure scripts is trying to compile an executable with a cross
> compiler.
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> James Roth
> Shugyo Design Technologies
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  You are configuring in the source directory.  This is not supported.  You must create a
separate build directory, cd to it, and issue:

  ${your_srcdir}/configure --prefix=`pwd` --target=m68k-unknown-elf

-- Jeff J.

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