running the testsuite?

Thomas Fitzsimmons
Fri Jun 28 13:52:00 GMT 2002

On Fri, 2002-06-28 at 15:38, wrote:
> I was looking at the newlib web page, and noted the comment:
> 	"A nice testsuite to automate the testing of newlib is also
> 	needed."
> As part of testing:
> i wanted to run the existing testsuite (and, indeed, add something to
> it!).  However, in my build tree trying to 'make check-target-newlib'
> failed for all tests, due to the header files not being where
> expected?

You'll need a site.exp in your home directory which points dejagnu to
the proper baseboards directory and the proper exp file for your target.

Before running make check-target-newlib, set the DEJAGNU environment
variable to point to ~/site.exp.

I've attached a site.exp file that worked for me when testing the
mips-elf target (apart from some little-endian compile problems that
I'll look into next week).  You'll need to add the other targets you're
testing to the case statement.  Look at dejagnu/baseboards/mips*.exp for
all the mips variants.

> Is this "normal" for the newlib testsuite?  (and, if so, what's the
> usual way of running it to get around the problem?)

Yes it's normal -- configuring dejagnu is a delicate process :-)  I'm
going to add a "Running the testsuite" section to the README, and
perhaps I'll include a sample site.exp file.  It's all in the Dejagnu
manual, but it's probably more efficient to store the info locally as

The testsuite's relatively new; thanks for being an "early adopter" :)


Thomas Fitzsimmons
Red Hat Canada Limited        e-mail:
2323 Yonge Street, Suite 300
Toronto, ON M4P2C9
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# Make sure we look in the right place for the board description files.
if ![info exists boards_dir] {
    set boards_dir {}
lappend boards_dir "/home/fitzsim/sources/src-gcc-devel/gcc/dejagnu/baseboards"

verbose "Global Config File: target_triplet is $target_triplet" 2

global target_list
case "$target_triplet" in {

    { "mips-*elf*" } {
	set target_list "mips-sim"

    default {
	set target_list { "unix" }

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