gcc 3.2 CVS + newlib CVS status report

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill@OARcorp.com
Wed Apr 17 10:27:00 GMT 2002


I built gcc 3.2 CVS and newlib CVS overnight for a bunch of
targets. Ignoring the mem_err/debug.h sparc problem I have 
locally worked around, it should match CVS.  I only built
C since that was enough to exercise newlib and find similar
multiline asm problems in RTEMS. The targets listed as OK
that have simulators have testresults reported to gcc 
already.  Here is what I have (ignoring warnings):

a29k-coff 	- gcc internal error in unwind-dw2-fde.c
arc-elf 	- gcc problem with crtinit .. gcc PR3587
arm-elf		- OK
arm-rtems	- OK
avr-elf		- OK
d30v-elf	- OK
fr30-elf	- GCC ICE at emit-rtl.c:1874
h8300-coff	- OK
h8300-rtems	- OK
hppa1.1-proelf	- ICE compiling findfp.c
i386-elf	- OK
i386-rtems	- OK
i960-coff	- OK
i960-elf	- not ok, libgloss fails to build
i960-rtems	- OK
m32r-elf	- OK
m68k-coff	- OK
m68k-elf	- OK
m68k-rtems	- OK
mcore-elf	- OK
mips64orion-elf	- OK
mips64orion-rtems - OK
mips-elf	- OK
mips-rtems	- OK
mn10200-elf	- ICE in unwind-sjlj.c:133
mn10300-elf	- OK
powerpc-eabi	- OK
powerpc-rtems	- OK
sh-coff		- OK
sh-elf		- OK
sh-rtems	- OK
sparc-elf	- OK (with hack at mem_err/debug.h)
sparc-rtems	- OK
v850-elf	- OK

I have email from someone working on the xscale dependent 
newlib code.  Did I miss any newlib targets of significance
from a multline inline asm viewpoint?

And now on to RTEMS. :)

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