gcc 3.2 CVS + newlib CVS status report

Joe Buck Joe.Buck@synopsys.com
Wed Apr 17 14:16:00 GMT 2002

Joel Sherill writes:

> I built gcc 3.2 CVS and newlib CVS overnight for a bunch of
> targets. Ignoring the mem_err/debug.h sparc problem I have 
> locally worked around, it should match CVS.  I only built
> C since that was enough to exercise newlib and find similar
> multiline asm problems in RTEMS. The targets listed as OK
> that have simulators have testresults reported to gcc 
> already.  Here is what I have (ignoring warnings):

[ 28 out of 34 OK ]

Well, at least that's better than we used to see.
How do these stats compare with those for 3.1?


> hppa1.1-proelf	- ICE compiling findfp.c

This suggests that there are also problems for hppa hosted OSes.

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