Alexandre Oliva
Sun Jun 3 19:02:00 GMT 2001

On Jun  3, 2001, Ghaith Nasrawi <> wrote:

> This is the most annoying thing you can ever have!

No, the most annoying thing is having people posting totally off-topic
messages to a mailing list devoted to the development of a package
that has absolutely nothing to do with Red Hat Linux :-D :-D

> Everytime I start the installtion it goes ok untill it asks me for
> the 2nd CD, at this moment my misery starts, I put the 2nd CD and it
> prompts me of a "wrong CD was inserted" and the CD is ejected! [...]
> (I got a copy of his CDs by using a CD-to-CD copying)

Well, since the first CD appears to work fine, it's unlikely that the
problem is with your CD drive, so it would seem that the problem is in
your copy of CD 2.  I see three options:

(i) make a new copy of CD 2

(ii) buy it from Red Hat, so that, in the unlikely possibility of the
CD being faulty, you can get a replacement

(iii) give up :-)

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