Ghaith Nasrawi
Sun Jun 3 18:07:00 GMT 2001

Hi there!
This is the most annoying thing you can ever have!
I have been trying to install RedHat 7.1 for 2 weeks now. Everytime I start
the installtion it goes ok untill it asks me for the 2nd CD, at this moment
my misery starts, I put the 2nd CD and it prompts me of a "wrong CD was
inserted" and the CD is ejected!
I'm 100% positive sure that the CD is the right CD and somebody else
installed this same version from the CDs I have (I got a copy of his CDs by
using a CD-to-CD copying)
Anway, I've tried everything. I used the "driver.img" and the
"oldcdrom.img". I booted the machine from floppy disks and from CD-ROM.
I did everything
Please, if anybody has experienced the same problem, give me a hint!
I appreciate it.


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