Soft-float and newlib

Walter Christian
Sun Sep 24 09:29:00 GMT 2000

On Sun, 24 Sep 2000, Michael Sokolov wrote:

> Walter Christian <> wrote:
> > Well, i don't use gcc for doing the link-process. Instead i am doing it
> > manually in my makefile by calling ld.
> This is your problem. It will never work right unless you link with gcc.
> > Very strang. It is now working. I updated my gcc to version 2.8.1 and
> > binutils to 2.9.1 and now everything works perfect (libc, libm).
> > Thanks a lot for pointing me into the right direction.
> Well, if you are still linking directly with ld, it's working only by
> happenstance. You must link with gcc for it to work as it's supposed to.


Well. It works much better when linking with gcc. I had to type in the the
correct path for linking on my own when using ld and now gcc makes these
things automatically when supplied with the right cpu option (e.g. -m68000

> Also gcc-2.8.1 and binutils-2.9.1 are both very old. If you want to stick to
> FSF releases, at least you should be using gcc-2.95.2 and binutils-2.10. But I
> personally prefer using the Cygnus tree instead of FSF releases, which is truly
> current and doesn't suffer from the staleness and redundancy of FSF releases.
> See my article on the Cygnus tree in

I will give it a try as soon as i finished porting the lowlevel things to
the new system.

	Walter Christian

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