Soft-float and newlib

Doug Evans
Sun Sep 24 12:48:00 GMT 2000

Michael Sokolov writes:
 > > Very strang. It is now working. I updated my gcc to version 2.8.1 and
 > > binutils to 2.9.1 and now everything works perfect (libc, libm).
 > > Thanks a lot for pointing me into the right direction.
 > Well, if you are still linking directly with ld, it's working only by
 > happenstance. You must link with gcc for it to work as it's supposed to.

Technically speaking this is debatable.
It's a LOT easier to use gcc to do the link,
but if you know what you're doing, calling ld directly isn't

One way to get started is to add -v to the gcc args when you do the
link and see how gcc invokes the linker.

 > Also gcc-2.8.1 and binutils-2.9.1 are both very old. If you want to stick to
 > FSF releases, at least you should be using gcc-2.95.2 and binutils-2.10. But I
 > personally prefer using the Cygnus tree instead of FSF releases, which is truly
 > current and doesn't suffer from the staleness and redundancy of FSF releases.

Using the current tree on
(aka also opens you up to the bug of the day.

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