How to submit patches for newlib?

Marek Michalkiewicz
Sat Apr 15 00:10:00 GMT 2000


some time ago (25 Mar) I sent a patch to this mailing list, which
removes some warnings - some of which are real bugs, like this in

	if (_double || flags & ALT == 0)

which should be:

	if (_double || (flags & ALT) == 0)

but which really means this in C:

	if (_double || flags & (ALT == 0))

and since ALT is defined as 0x001, (ALT == 0) is false and it is
equivalent to:

	if (_double)

For a few other similar things, please look at the patch in the
mailing list archive.  These warnings were reported by a recent
gcc snapshot (which BTW is still called "egcs" in the archive -
is this correct?).

Now, I haven't seen any response to my patch, and any fixes from
it integrated in newlib CVS tree.  So I guess I did something wrong -
please tell me what is the correct way to submit patches to newlib,
so that they have a chance of being accepted?  Do I really need
a copyright assignment for simple fixes like this?


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