trouble linking newlib

Joseph Taylor
Fri Apr 14 13:29:00 GMT 2000


I have successfully built the GNU cross-compiler/assembler/linker in the Cygwin
environment running on Windows NT for a Motorola 68k target.  This m68k target
does not have a "compliant" OS, and I've provided the required stubs as listed
in the Cygnus documentation (

As I now try to link in the C Standard Library (libc.a built from newlib), the
linker reports numerous "undefined reference to <symbol>", where <symbol> is
such names as


... and so on.

Included in the link is some dummy app code, required stubs for "bare-board"
systems, and libc.a.  I suspect that I'm still missing a major piece of the link
process, but I haven't yet found the information in Cygnus documentation.

I would appreciate any help or insight into this problem.  Thanks.

Joe Taylor

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