newlib-1.8.0 broken for SH1

Ralf Corsepius
Mon Jan 12 20:24:00 GMT 1998

I've just discovered that newlib-1.8.0 contains invalid asm-code for the
sh1 when compiled for --target=sh-elf

Compiling for sh-elf uses several *.S files from newlib/libc/machine/sh.

These files contain several "dt" asm instructions which are not
available for the SH1.

As a result these files make newlib/sh-elf completely unusable for SH1

Astonishingly enough, compiling for sh-coff seems not to contain any dt
instructions (I am currently trying to figure out why, but have not been
successful until now).

Furthermore, I am wondering why as can't check for using instructions
invalid only on the SH1. Obviously -mxx isn't ether passed to as nor
usable by as. In my opinion this would be a very useful feature.

FYI, my setup:

host: i586-linux-pc-gnulibc1

target: build for sh-elf and sh-coff in one-tree builds
binutils- (linux-sources)

target processor sh7032.


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