memcpy performance

Jeffrey A Law
Tue Dec 9 08:47:00 GMT 1997

  In message <>you write:
  > An RTEMS user has noticed that the performance of the RTEMS message
  > queue routines is bound by our use of newlib's memcpy routine.  The
  > current implementation uses a byte-by-byte copy.  
  > What would it take to get a better generic implementation?  Is there one
  > laying around which could be used instead?  I remember the old GNU/960
  > version did some alignment and then copied 16-bytes at a time. 
Already done :-)

Tue Oct  7 14:01:29 1997 Bill Moyer     (
                         Jeffrey A Law  (

        * libc/string/{memchr.c, memcmp.c, memcpy.c}: Reimplement to run faster.
        * libc/string/{memset.c, strcat.c, strchr.c}: Likewise.
        * libc/string/{strcmp.c, strcpy.c, strlen.c}: Likewise.
        * libc/string/{strncat.c, strncmp.c, strncpy.c}: Likewise.

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