Seeking input from developers: glibc copyright assignment policy.

Carlos O'Donell
Mon Jun 14 18:52:03 GMT 2021


glibc was created as part of the GNU Project but has grown to operate as
an autonomous project. As part of the GNU Toolchain the glibc stewards
support the gcc project policy changes presented here:

The glibc stewards are seeking input from developers to decide if the project
should relax the requirement to assign copyright for all changes to the
Free Software Foundation as follows:

Contributors who have an FSF Copyright Assignment wouldn't need to
change anything.  Contributors who wish to utilize the Developer Certificate
of Origin[1] would add a Signed-off-by message to their commit messages.

The changes to accept patches with or without FSF copyright assignment
would be effective on August 2nd, and would apply to all open branches.

The glibc stewards, like the GCC SC, continue to affirm the principles of
Free Software, and that will never change.

glibc will continue to be developed, distributed, and licensed under the
GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1 or any later version as
published by the Free Software Foundation.

Input on this issue is accepted until July 1st 2021.

Ryan Arnold
Paul Eggert
Jakub Jelinek
Maxim Kuvyrkov
Joseph Myers
Carlos O'Donell


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